South and East Asia Legal and Business Advisors

We deliver legal and business development services and solutions to clients in the
United States, South Asia and East Asia


DSA provides strategic legal and business planning to support the start-up, improvement and expansion of business operations in a wide range of areas


DSA conducts regular ongoing research related to changes in the South and East Asia marketplace, demographics, laws and regulations.


DSA has developed strong contacts and networks within the South Asia, East Asia, and US legal, business, NGO and government sector and uses those relationships to further client objectives.


DSA works with legal and other professionals to provide training for private and public sector clients and potential clients regarding working within the complex legal and regulatory environments


DSA helps businesses, NGOs and governments identify corporate social responsibility programs creating win-win propositions for the public and private sector.


DSA helps businesses, NGOs and governments identify, secure and structure financing for business activities.

SINCE 2007

DSA has been working in Asia since 2007 providing advisory services directly and through a network of other qualified professionals to ensure clients achieve their desired objectives.

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