Development Sourcing Advisor Group

Providing Global Advisory Services


The Development Sourcing Advisors Group provides business and legal services to entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and associations regarding business development and expansion, housing and economic development, offshore sourcing, corporate social responsibility, and other matters. Business and legal services are provided through a group of companies including Development Sourcing Advisors LLC, DSA Law LLC, and JS Development Sourcing Advisors Private Limited, working with a network of trusted attorneys and consultants in Asia.

Managing Director

The Development Sourcing Advisors Group is managed by Jeffrey R. Pankratz, an attorney and businessman with over 20 years of experience in advising for-profit and nonprofit businesses in the United States and Asia. He has provided business and legal advice to investors and businesses regarding the development and financing of infrastructure, real estate, and medium, small and micro-enterprises. He has also provided advisory services to the IT/IT-enabled services sector, focusing on business process and knowledge process outsourcing. Prior to forming DSA, Mr. Pankratz was Of Counsel at Venable LLP, one of the American Lawyer's top 100 law firms, where his practice focused on corporate and tax law, development finance and outsourcing transactions.

Legal Resources

We provide professional services in Asia and other emerging markets.

Our global network of professionals can give you the ability to evaluate and secure opportunities throughout the world. 

DSA Group wants to be your trusted global advisor!

We work with you and carry out research to understand your needs and the needs of your customers.



DSA conducts regular ongoing research related to changes in the South and East Asia marketplace, demographics, laws and regulations.


DSA has developed strong contacts and networks within the South Asia, East Asia, and US legal, business, NGO and government sector and uses those relationships to further client objectives.


DSA works with legal and other professionals to provide training for private and public sector clients and potential clients regarding working within the complex legal and regulatory environments


DSA helps businesses, NGOs and governments identify, secure and structure financing for business activities.


DSA provides strategic legal and business planning to support the start-up, improvement and expansion of business operations in a wide range of areas


DSA helps businesses, NGOs and governments identify corporate social responsibility programs creating win-win propositions for the public and private sector.